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Hotel Britannique Suite

From the Britannique hotel story occurred the idea to manage some very special suites or furnished flats . A story that began at the end of 19th century when it became apparent that there was potential growth in tourism in Naples and southern Italy.  During this time large offings of Swiss capital was channelled into this sphere of operation (investment sector). Both Naples and Rome, the latter had just become Italy’s capital, became the targets of these investments.

Those were the years when the Excelsior of Naples (1908), the Grand Hotel, Excelsior and Hassler of Rome, were built.

The Swiss were old hands at the hotel trade and wanted to export their expertise. Mr. Loeliger, who was a hotelier in Basel, arrived in Naples and took up management of Hotel Britannique.

An international clientele, mainly English, became the pillars on which the Britannique was developed; all those whom aimed south and were looking at the Mediterranean and its mild climate.

Between the two world wars politicians, artists and royals crowded the halls of the hotel.

We particularly wish to remember the following: Admiral Paparigopulos (greek monarchist) Advocate Benizelas (Greek republicans), Princess Soldatienkoff (Russian exile) Princess Karchakoff (russian exile), Prince Ruprecht Duke von Bayern, Bernard Show (American writer) Ibsen (norvegian playright), Federica of Greece (niece of Kaiser William the second of Germany), Prince Umberto of Savoia, General Montgomery, Harold Mac Millan (conservative English politicians), Libero Bovio (Neapolitan poet).

The Britannique was inherited by Mrs Hildegarda Ambrosi Loeliger daughter of Mr Loeliger in 1947.

Her son Giovanni is the promoter of this idea.

The apartments are of high quality aimed at the new age of tourism. They are all central in important locations and furnished with care for short term stays. Rome, Naples and Capri.

The furnished flats that will become available shortly are:

  1. Apartment in via Crispi (Napoli)
  2. Apartment in Palazzo Donn’Anna (Napoli)
  3. Two apartments in via Tragara (Capri)
  4. Apartment in via Condotti (Roma)

And the number will likely increase in the future.    


Via Crispi

Palazzo Donn’Anna


Via Condotti


Via Tragara